More details on six break-ins

Published 12:51 pm Friday, August 10, 2012

Bainbridge Public Safety continues to investigate six break-ins that happened Monday night, August 6.

The burglaries occurred at:

• American Pie, 925 E. Shotwell St. in the Winn-Dixie shopping center (alarm went off at 2:08 a.m., cash register broken into)

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• Parker Paints, 800 E. Water St. ($75 in cash and a pistol taken)

• Dina’s Hair Salon, 120 S. Scott St. (items taken included an air conditioning unit, leaf blower, extension cord, numerous hair salon supplies and a portable stereo)

• American Lube Fast, 829 E. Shotwell St. (break-in but nothing taken)

• All About Nails, 332 N. Broad St. (sunglasses and coins taken)

• A residence at 110 N. Russ St. (break-in, nothing taken)


BPS is offering $500 in reward money for information about the burglaries; $250 for information leading to an arrest and an additional $250 for information that leads to a conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Anyone who has more information about who may have committed these burglaries is asked to call Major Robert Humphrey, head of BPS’ Criminal Investigation Division, at (229) 515-0973.


Other recent burglaries

Other recent burglaries and break-ins reported in Bainbridge, as well as the items taken include:

• 8/7, apartment at 851 Martin Luther King Drive, break-in (nothing taken)

• 8/7, 600 block of E. Evans St., door busted into (nothing taken)

• 8/7, church at 101 N. Scott Street, windows broken out, attempted theft of window air conditioning unit

• 8/7, 400 block of Love Street, multiple window air conditioning units taken

• 8/7, Eddie Avery Road, several sheds and an abandoned residence broken into, a five-horsepower engine was taken

• 8/7, 3000 block of Old Whigham Road, a large quantity of fungicide used in tomato farming was stolen from a shipping container

• 8/6, 1200 block of Victor Street, two flat-screen TVs, skill saw, tool bag, electric edger, $825 in cash and a record player

• 8/6, Aryola Drive, diamond ring, DVD player and $120 in cash

• 8/1, 1600 block of Pine Street, flat-screen TV, surround sound system, DVD player, vaccum and carpet cleaner, desktop PC and monitor, assorted clothing and ball caps, several wrist watches