Debit card frauds reported

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Several local citizens have reported being the victim of debit card fraud in recent days.

On July 9, a resident of Colquitt Highway reported that six unauthorized checks had been passed on her business’ checking account. The six checks had been passed at a Wal-Mart, for a total amount of more than $1,200. The victim reported that she still had physical checks matching the numbers of the fradulent checks in her checkbook, which led her to believe that someone may have stolen another check — possibly in a burglary of another business — and made computer copies of it.

On July 6, a resident of North Sims Street reported being a victim of fraud. The victim reported she went to pay a bill with her debit card and received an “insufficient funds” message. The victim learned from her bank that someone had withdrawn $1,100 from her savings account.

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On July 5, a resident of Broughton Street reported being the victim of fraud. After receiving an “insufficient funds” message when he tried to make a purchase with his debit card, he contacted his bank and learned his card had been used for two ATM withdrawals at a local convenience store on the previous day.

Also on July 5, a resident of Riverchase Drive reported that someone had used their debit card to purchase items online and at multiple locations in Tallahassee, Fla.

Bainbridge Public Safety is investigating all of these cases. Anyone who has more information to report may call investigators at (229) 248-2038.