TSPLOST could lead to dangerous ‘slippery slope’

Published 8:38 am Friday, July 13, 2012

My appreciation goes to Post-Searchlight publisher Jeff Findley and the four people who have already written letters to the editor expressing opposition to the proposed T-SPLOST vote on July 31. I agree!

A “quasi-governmental” regional commission trying to control a 14-county region has no business calling this tax “local.” Money paid in Decatur County may well be spent in Albany, Moultrie, or even Atlanta. How is this local? So, it’s not a SPLOST, as it is being advertised.

The economy of southwest Georgia and the nation is in a depressed state. Many people are surviving on food stamps, unemployment payments, and/or disability payments. Additionally, some of the elderly are barely getting by on their social security. To raise their sales tax by 1 percent to fund projects that are, at best, non-essential, is deplorable.

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I see these “regional commissions” as little tentacles of the beast that is UN Agenda 21, whose goal is global socialism. They recently attempted to entice Grady County voters to vote for a county zoning plan, but the folks saw through this scam and voted no. Let’s do the same for this T-SPLOST.

Aren’t we already taxed enough by federal, state and local government, without adding another straw to the camel’s back?

Bob Lane