Sewer project about two-thirds done

Published 9:17 am Friday, July 13, 2012

The City of Bainbridge’s Lake Douglas East sewer project is continuing through the summer months, with the third phase of the city’s sewer master plan about two-thirds of the way completed, city officials said.

Contractor Popco is completing compaction of a trench along the south end of Twin Lakes Drive, while at the same time, subcontractor Hancock Construction is finishing up compaction along the north end of Twin Lakes.

Once the compaction is complete, tests to ensure the trenches meet specifications will be conducted and pending a passing score, the City of Bainbridge will begin to pave the affected roadway.

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Popco has been making steady progress in the easement between Leggette Drive and Woodridge Drive. The area has been especially wet with intense ground water from recent rainfalls.

On July 12, Popco resumed excavation of Ashton Way. That means traffic on the road will be restricted to one lane while work is ongoing.

“We anticipate this construction to limit access until the crews reach the intersection of Ashton Way and Bridgeton Way, at which point there will be less restriction,” Deputy City Manager Dustin Dowdy said.

With an approximate cost of about $4 million, will make sewer service available for a fee to about 352 lots, or more than 237 homes, which are currently using septic tanks, according to city officials. The expected time to project completion is 18 months, or approximately November or December of 2012.

Once the project work in their area is complete, residents can expect to begin having a sewer base fee added onto their monthly utility bill, according to Dowdy. However, to make use of the new sewer lines, residents will have to pay a $345 tap fee, as well as a one-time $1,325 assessment fee, for a total of $1,670.