Brock has a piece of Climax history

Published 11:06 am Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WINSTON BROCK POSES next to the huge wall clock that Donnie Bradwell of Climax gave him more than 30 years ago. It is an old-fashioned, very heavy 30-day “wound clock.”


Climax Correspondent

Time has different meanings to different people. To some it seems to have no meaning at all, then to others it is a constant reminder of what they want to accomplish.

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To some timepieces are only a manner and way of documenting time, while others cherish the workmanship that went into such a delicate work of time keeping.

One such person in Climax who appreciated the value of time, as well as the time piece, was Donnie Bradwell. We wrote earlier this year about the Bradwell family and how they were some of the forefathers of this community, and how frugal they were valuing time and their assets. We wrote about Lonnie Bradwell; however this story is about, Donnie, his brother.

From information I could find, it seems Donnie was the younger of the two sons of Joe and Bertha Bradwell. While Joe and Bertha had more sons, we will be dealing with Donnie this time. There are two Lonnie Bradwells listed in the Fleatown Cemetery roll — one having been born Feb. 13, 1896, and died Oct. 7, 1977, and the other born Dec 8, 1898, and died January 1982. There is no listing for Donnie Bradwell. So we have no proof of when Donnie died, unless he is listed incorrectly in the records and also named Lonnie.

However, before he passed away he made a special trip with a mission to Bainbridge sometime in the 1960s, according to pharmacist Winston Brock.

One day Winston said Donnie came bounding into the drug store and declared to Winston he had something he wanted to give to him. It was something he told Winston he knew he would like and take care of for him. With that proclamation, Donnie paraded out to his truck with Winston, and to Winston’s surprise there was a huge wall clock.

Winston said Donnie wanted him to have it and no one else. Winston told Donnie he would proudly display it in the store. This seemed to satisfy Donnie, and he helped Winston carry the clock into the store.

The best Winston could understand from Donnie, he had gotten the clock from somewhere in Donalsonville, maybe a mill or some station or other. It was never clear to Winston where Donnie had gotten the clock. However, it had been in the family for some time, and Donnie seemed to feel Winston would be the best timekeeper and caretaker for the clock.

The antique clock is very heavy, is 26 inches in diameter and is key wound every 30 days. It was made by the New Haven Clock Company in New Haven, Conn. Donnie/Winston’s clock was likely made sometime after April 1856.

Winston proudly displays a piece of Climax’s history with Donnie’s clock on the wall in the drug store. It is so massive he has to climb up in a chair or small ladder to wind it every 30 days.

“I cherish the clock and the memories it holds,” Winston said. “I am trying to take good care of it for Donnie. I don’t know why he wanted me to have it, but it will always be cared for here.”

Jean Ouzts is the Climax correspondent for The Post-Searchlight. You can email her at