True Christian or a Sunday Christian?

Published 2:32 pm Friday, June 15, 2012

This presidential election will sort out the “true Christians” from the “Sunday Christians.”

The true Christian will vote against Obama, for the following reasons:

A. He promised that if he was elected, he would bring all our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. But they’re still there. That’s Lie No. 1.

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B. He promised he wouldn’t forget the seniors, yet the first three years in office, the seniors didn’t get a raise in Social Security benefits and only a few got $250 extra. Yet gas prices and food prices sky-rocketed. That’s Lie No. 2.

C. He promised we wouldn’t depend on foreign oil, yet we still do. Even though gas prices are going down, if he had kept his promise, gas would be around $2 a gallon. That’s the way it is in Mexico, where we buy oil from, or in Saudi Arabia, where we buy most of our oil. The gas there is less than $1 per gallon. So that’s Lie No. 3.

D. He promised he would straighten out the economy. But it is in worse shape now than before. There are more foreclosures and unemployment now than ever before. That’s Lie No. 4.

E. This one will separate the true Christian from the “Sunday Christian.” Obama has stated his opinion that a man and man should be allowed to marry. Yet, the Bible says that a “man shall not lie with a man, as he does with a woman” (Leviticus 20:13). So, Obama just slapped God in the face. The Sunday Christian who goes along with this idea is also slapping God in the face. The true Christian will vote against Obama, for this main reason.

I don’t care if the person running for president is black, white, red, yell, or pink with purple polka dots. I don’t care if he is Catholic, Methodist, Mormon, Quaker or any other religion, as long as he believes in the Bible and goes by what it says in the Bible. He takes his oath of office with his hand on the Bible. So, by taking this oath; Obama slaps God in the face.

In Revelations, it tells you that all who are against God — that is, liars, fornicators, adulterers, idolators, etc. — will burn in the lake of fire.

Look at how many lies Obama has told. So you see, a true Christian (no matter how much he likes Obama as a man) will vote against Obama. On the other hand, the “Sunday Christian” will vote for Obama.

We have had a Catholic (John F. Kennedy) as president, and he didn’t have the Pope tell him how to run the Oval Office. We have also had a Quaker (Richard Nixon) and other faiths, and most of them governed according to the Bible.

Romney is a Mormon — but besides the Book of Mormon, he also truly believes in the Bible.

So, on election day, which one will you be? A true Christian or a Sunday Christian?

Kenneth A. Nixdorf