Summer reading program turnout was nice to see

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Many pundits have said that the U.S. public education system is a shambles and is failing its job of preparing our students for the future. However, it is very difficult for teachers to do their jobs when children have not received an educational foundation at home.

That’s why we were so thrilled to see a large turnout at the kickoff for the Gilbert H. Gragg-Decatur County Library’s summer reading program Tuesday morning. The parking lot was overflowing and the room was overflowing with more than 60 young people excited about reading. True, they were also there to enjoy a hug from the giant “Curious George,” but at least they were inside a library and getting excited about the written word.

We hope that every one of those young people stays motivated and continues their reading throughout the summer. Studies have shown that children who read, or have their parents read to them, do better in their first year of school. It’s true that education begins at home, and we applaud the parents who took their children to attend Tuesday’s summer reading program kickoff.

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