Man charged after beer bottle attack

Published 3:17 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BPS Officer Beau Harrell

An 18-year-old Hispanic man was arrested Saturday evening after he allegedly beat another man over the head with a beer bottle, causing a serious injury.

At 5:40 p.m. Saturday night, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Beau Harrell responded to a 911 call at a trailer home at 205 Martin St. in West Bainbridge, according to a BPS incident report. Harrell found the victim walking around outside the trailer, obviously cut several times and covered in blood. A bystander indicated the assailant was still inside the trailer.

Hearing several loud thumps coming from inside the trailer, Harrell requested backup and drew his gun before investigating further.

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Through a broken window, Harrell saw two men inside a room; one of them was shirtless and attempting to climb out of the window. Harrell ordered the shirtless male — later identified as Simon Pedro Gonzalez-Sanchez, 18, of 205 Martin St., Bainbridge — to get on the ground.

Due to a language barrier, Harrell had to keep the suspect at gunpoint for several seconds until he finally seemed to understand and put his hands up. Harrell handcuffed the suspect and put him in his patrol car before going to check on the victim.

Harrell saw that the victim had major cuts on both his face and right arm and was losing a lot of blood. The officer ran back inside the trailer, found a towel and then placed it on the victim’s face in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Soon after, Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Hughes arrived and used a first-aid kit to tend to the victim’s arm until EMS arrived.

While being treated by EMS, the victim was able to tell an officer who speaks Spanish that he had been drinking beer in his room when the suspect entered and asked for a beer. The victim stated he replied “no,” which made the suspect angry.

A third man, who was older, attempted to separate the two men from fighting, when the suspect allegedly picked up a beer bottle, and hit the victim with it twice, causing the bottle to break. The witness stated the suspect hit the victim several more times with the broken bottle, cutting him all over his body.

Gonzalez-Sanchez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in connection with the incident.