Graduation was a night worth remembering

Published 7:06 am Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday night, May 23, 2012, I was blessed to witness the determination of a group of students, namely the Bainbridge High School seniors of 2012, stand as a united front. Their determination has written a vital portion of history for themselves and their high school. I must say that this fundamental piece of history shall forever be in the hearts and minds of these seniors, Decatur County School System, Decatur County citizens, relatives and friends.

Thank you, Class of 2012, for your obedience — though determined — when asked by your administrators to go back and take shelter because of the lightning that was occurring. You conformed to our request; you asked questions in a positive manner even though you were clearly frustrated and determined. You followed instructions to the letter from your administrators as you stood united and determined — thank you, thank you! You have proven to me that what we taught you throughout the years, as parents and educators, has ascertained full tuition!

I answered many, many phone calls on Thursday from distressed and, I hope, concerned parents, relatives, and citizens. The Decatur County School System faced grave challenges pertaining to this past week. But at the end of day, another group demonstrated a united front — the administrators as a whole banded together to make the desires of the class of 2012 happen! Bainbridge High School stood not alone — but supported by the entire system for our students! And this is truly what it is all about — our students!

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I stood in awe as 333 young determined souls marched back onto Centennial Field that night, boldly sending the message, “We will graduate tonight!” I echo the words of your dedicated principal, Tommie Howell — I have never been more proud of our students!

To the class of 2012, I too, am so very proud of you and I am truly impressed. You made a decision, individually and collectively — you stayed determined and you stood strong — you attained your goal! There is little doubt in my mind that you are well on your way to a productive life.

You demonstrated that as you walked united back onto that field in the rain Wednesday night. Always walk that strong “sweet peace” — with heads held high in a positive mode and forever with that determination! Walk well, class of 2012 … walk well!

May God forever bless and keep you. Love and prayers,

Dr. Christine M. Pugh, 2012 Senior Administrator

Assistant Principal

Bainbridge High School