Let he who has done no wrong, cast the first stone

Published 7:06 am Friday, May 25, 2012

Human nature is what it is — flawed. We all make mistakes. There is not one exception. We are therefore, imperfect.

I know that Marjorie Mayfield made a calculation mistake. I also know she grieved over it. The persecution of Tom Patton, Carl Rowland, and Marjorie Mayfield has been akin to a witch hunt. I want to personally thank these fine people for the incredible work each of them has done on the behalf of our county. (I have the facts.)

While I disagree 100 percent with their removals from office, I am glad for them that they will no longer have to endure perpetual harassment. “He who has done no wrong, cast the first stone” — Jesus.

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Again, thank you, Tom, Carl and Marjorie. You will be missed!

Lindy Harrell