Bainbridge College holds annual Honors Night

Published 11:34 am Tuesday, May 22, 2012

APRIL TILLERY FROM BAINBRIDGE, on the right, is being congratulated by Bainbridge College President Richard Carvajal for being named the outstanding sophomore female BC student during the college’s honors night held on May 10.


BC Communications Specialist

Bainbridge College honored some of its students on May 10, recognizing students with outstanding academic records and one student who acted extraordinarily by saving the life of a young man.

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BC President Dr. Richard Carvajal read a Georgia House of Representatives proclamation honoring Kristan Whatley from Blakely, Ga., as the top BC Academic Recognition Award winner. A similar Georgia Senate proclamation was also presented to Whatley. Each year the members of the General Assembly of the Georgia Legislature recognize college students for their superior academic achievement. Each institution in the University System of Georgia is asked to select a representative on their campus, which Whatley represented BC.

Wes Potter, from Whigham, Ga., was honored with the President’s Award for a sophomore male, and April Tillery from Bainbridge was honored with the President’s Award for a sophomore female. The President’s Award for freshman male went to Michael Grimes from Blakely, and the President’s Award for freshman female went to Betty Zachary from Donalsonville, Ga.

BC student Kim Ketterer from Bainbridge was awarded the BC Hero Award by David Sarrette, assistant professor of health, physical education and wellness. She is the sixth BC student to be named a BC Hero since it was established in 2010. The BC Hero honors a student who has used the skills and knowledge learned in one of the first aid classes at BC to save the life of a fellow human being.

Ketterer, who is majoring in medical office technology, was boating on the Flint River last summer with her husband and another couple from Tallahassee when a 24-year-old guest fell off the wakeboard and went limp in the water. Sarrette said the young man, who is insulin dependent diabetic and was unconscious and unresponsive, was brought back to the boat and moved onto the swimming platform.

“Kim quickly retrieved his emergency medication and administered a shot while he was lying on the back of the boat,” Sarrette said. “The young man started to show signs of life, and Kim administered a soft drink as she had learned in first aid class to elevate the victim’s blood sugar level. Two more shots had to be administered before the young man came completely back to normal.”

BAINBRIDGE COLLEGE STUDENT Kim Ketterer from Bainbridge, on the left, is awarded the BC Hero Award by David Sarrette, assistant professor of health, physical education and wellness. Ketterer became the sixth recipient of the award since it started in 2010, which honors a BC student who has used the skills and knowledge learned in one of the first aid classes at BC to save a person’s life.

Susan Maxwell from Whigham, the mother of the late Joel David “Joey” Maxwell, was presented the Mu Alpha Theta Award. Joey Maxwell, a BC student who was on the dean’s list with plans to transfer to the University of Georgia in the fall to pursue a degree in agricultural engineering, died March 25 in an automobile accident. Matthew Powell from Cairo was also awarded a Mu Alpha Theta Award.

Charles Walker from Bainbridge was awarded the Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 awards, as well as the Physics 1 award. Matthew Vaughn from Bainbridge was also awarded the Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 awards.

Hannah Singletary from Bainbridge was awarded the Physics 2 Award. Whitney Poppell from Whigham was given the Principles of Chemistry 1 Award. Tiffany Flynn from Brinson and James Rogers from Bluffton, Ga., were each awarded the Introduction to Chemistry Award.

Taylor Kirkpatrick from Bainbridge received two awards, the Principles of Chemistry 2 Award and the Sigma Kappa Delta Leadership Award. Also receiving a Sigma Kappa Delta Leadership Award was April McNair from Climax.

Crystal Willis from Whigham, Ga., was named the Outstanding International Education Student. Jessica Cato from Bainbridge was named the Outstanding History Student.

Donald Lambert from Bainbridge was honored with the Outstanding Tutor Award. Hubert Wynn, also from Bainbridge, was honored with the Outstanding Non-Traditional Student Award.

By earning the highest grade point average, Jeanen Grimsley from Attapulgus earned the diploma Associate of Applied Science Business Administrative Technology Highest GPA Award, and Mary Bragg, from Bainbridge, earned the diploma Medical Administrative Technology Award for Highest GPA. Mackenzie Burgess from Brinson earned the Associate of Applied Science Business Administration Technology Highest GPA award. She also received the Outstanding Work Study award. Wendy Lamb from Pelham, Ga., earned the Associate of Applied Science Medical Administrative Technology Highest GPA Award.

Katherine Pendley from Bainbridge, who was also the GOAL winner from the college, received the Alpha Betta Gamma Eta Leadership Award. Fifteen new members of Alpha Beta Gamma Eta were presented certificates. They are Leonard Borders, Shanterrian Daniels, Brittany Folsom, Susan Heard, Bernice Henderson, Adrienne Jackson, Linda Hunter, Lisa Reynolds, Catherine Robinson, Rebecca Thursby-Sander, Lakisha Sanders, Andrea Ward, Melissa Williams, Patricia Williams and Sheri Woolley. Carvajal and Dr. Adria Belk, chair of the BC Technical Studies Division, were named honorary members of the national business honor society because “these two individuals truly care about BC business students.”

Mary Dunn from Bainbridge received the inaugural Chi Alpha Christian Ministries award.

Sydney Heard from Bainbridge earned the National Technical Honor Society Award.

The Bainbridge Association of Nursing Students (BANS) Awards were given to  Emily Ray from Bainbridge, Zacharey Powell from Brinson, Evie Williams from Cairo, and Anthony Harrison from Climax.

Student Government Association officials were recognized as well. They were President Terry Williams, Vice President Patricia Williams, Secretary Jessilyn Sellars and Freshman Representative Shirley Florence, all from Bainbridge; Second Vice President Jessica Daniels from Cairo; and Sophomore Representative Patricia Washington from Blakely, who also received a BCEC Chorus Award along with Rosa Gibson from Colquitt.


Scholarship recipients honored

The scholarship recipients were recognized by Carvajal and Dean of Students Connie Snyder. The recipients are listed by city, alphabetically.

Arlington: Victor Lavatte received the Widener Scholarship.

Attapulgus: Cheryl Fleming received the Conyers/Hunter Scholarship.

Bainbridge: Ruby Barlow received the Dr. Jenna Miley and the Fred Henderson scholarships, Carl Fountain received a Bainbridge College Ambassadors scholarship, Brittany Givens received the Archbold Medical Center Scholarship and a Kirbo Foundation scholarship, Jocelyn Jacobs received the Leverett Scholarship, Richard Lewis received the Decatur County Retired Educator Organization Scholarship, Kristin Pollock received the Coppinger Powell Santoro Scholarship, Richard Ragan received the David Ramsay Simmons Sr. Rotary Club of Bainbridge Scholarship, Garon Sellars received the Bainbridge Lions Club Scholarship, Jessilyn Sellars received the Mildred W. McCarty Scholarship, Timothy Smith received a Col. Hector E. Dueno Veterans Scholarship, James Spears received the Climax Community Club Scholarship, John Stout received a Nussbaum Scholarship, and Jennifer Wade received the Alton B. & Glenn Dora Cromer Scholarship.

Brinson: Anna Barwick received the Andrew Avery Memorial Scholarship.

Blakely: Stephen Houston received the Kermit F. Bates Jr. Scholarship, Gregory Hutchins received a Kirbo Foundation Scholarship, Joyce Lindsey received the D.M. Langston Scholarship, Lynn Wehrly received the Joanna Stone Scholarship, Larry Wilson received the Whittington-Wilkerson Family Scholarship and Kristan Whatley received the Bank of Ozarks Scholarship.

Bluffton: James Rogers received a Nussbaum Scholarship.

Cairo: Jason Maxwell received the Brock-Waldorf Scholarship and Marcus Starling received a Col. Hector E. Dueno Veterans Scholarship.

Climax: Evelyn Holley received a Nussbaum Scholarship.

Colquitt: Deana Barwick received the Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society for Women Educators Scholarship.

Donalsonville: Benjamin Henry received the Ruth V. & Roland L. Horn Scholarship, Joan Loyd received the E.T. & Jewel Robinson Scholarship, Elizabeth Stewart received the Ponder Brothers’ Scholarship, Sharon Varnum received a Bainbridge College Ambassadors Scholarship and Betty Zachary received the Gragg Brothers’ Scholarship.

Edison: Shakeitha Lynn received the Tom Wilkerson Scholarship for an Early County Center student.

Fort Gaines: Ceri Killingsworth received a Nussbaum Scholarship.

Havana, Fla.: April Murphy received the Ernest C. Jones Memorial Scholarship.

Whigham: Amelia Elkins received the Julia P. White Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship, Julie Martin received the Walter E. & Mary B. Cox Scholarship and Whitney Poppell received the Virginia Lee Rozier Memorial Scholarship.