‘War on women,’ same-sex marriage debate are distractions

Published 8:06 am Friday, May 11, 2012

This last week was a disappointing one, to Americans who want to see solutions to the problems facing our country.

With unemployment still high and economic growth still low, it seems that President Obama and presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney would rather focus the debate on a variety of social issues. Wednesday, Obama made an unprecedented declaration of his support for same-sex marriage — the first sitting president to do so. Also in recent weeks, there has been debate over the so-called “war on women,” with the battle issues ranging from birth control to abortion rights to stay-at-home moms vs. working moms.

While social issues are a part of any political platform, they are nowhere near as important as the candidates and national media are making them out to be. According to a Friday, May 11, Rasmussen Reports poll, 45 percent of all voters polled said that economic issues are the highest priority, and another 17 percent said “fiscal issues” is the most important issue to them. Just 6 percent said cultural issues (such as same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.) is the most important issue.

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The next president will be called upon to help take our nation out of the economic morass in which it currently sits. It’s time for our candidates to offer real solutions to our economic and financial problems, and quit distracting us with these minor social issues.