There’s multiple ways to pay city utility bills

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, April 24, 2012


City of Bainbridge Communications

The recent move the temporary City Hall means there is no drive-through service for paying utility bills. But the City of Bainbridge offers four ways to pay bills, most without even having to get in the car!

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First, you can pay your bill by mailing it through the Postal Service.

Your second option is to pay your bill using the city’s website, The option does have a minimal processing fee. You must have a pin number to pay your bill online. You can obtain one from the website, or by calling Sylvia Bivins at 248-2000 ,ext. 105.

The third and most economical option is the set up an automatic draft from your bank account. There is no postage to be paid, no checks to write, no waiting in line, no late fees and no extra cost to the customer. To set up an automatic draft, you must fill out an authorization form that you can obtain from the city’s website or from one of the city’s cahiers.

Finally, you can drop your payment off at the city’s drop box. The drop box is located on Broad Street near the rear of the Utility Payment building, and is labeled with a “City Drop Box” sign.

For questions or more information about any of these payment options, please call the City of Bainbridge at 229-248-2000.