You’re invited to help the helpless

Published 7:52 am Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If  I ever stop writing letters to The Post-Searchlight about the helpless animals in Decatur County, and begging for support for the Bainbridge Humane Society, then I’m probably dead and you’re invited to any memorial service that might follow.
But, at this point in time, I’m inviting you to consider the living. It’s puppy and kitten season — again!
There are lots of cute babies at the shelter that need homes. (They need “forever homes,” so please consider the decision carefully.) If you can offer a good home to one of these orphans, the Humane Society will invite you with open arms to come find the newest member to your family. And all the kits and pups at the shelter will invite you to come play.
If you are not ready for that responsibility, I invite you to think of any other way to help.
My friends, Windsor Swing, gather bags and bags of much-needed bedding for the animals. My friend, Roger Keaton, donates his bartending tips (and matches each dollar out of his own pocket) to the shelter.
Or, drop your small change into the coin collection cans at our local businesses.
When Winn-Dixie has a buy one/get one free sale, could you drop that extra item off at the shelter?
The possibilities are inviting, intriguing and possibly endless.
I’m simply inviting you to help in any small way you can. RSVP at any time.
Thank you for helping the helpless.
Sally Miller

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