Petitioners ask Climax to let them use ball fields

Published 5:53 am Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Climax Correspondent
Jazz Flowers, a Climax citizen, presented the Climax City Council with a signed petition of around 40 signatures on behalf of the Sunday Softball League, at the regular council meeting Monday, April 9.
Addressing the council and Mayor Charles Hadsock, Flowers stated that the league wanted something done to allow them to use the city ball field.
He pointed out that they paid their taxes and the ball league had been using the field for the past three years, and even had helped keep the grass cut. He also stated that no one had contacted the team about the leasing of the field, nor had there been any advertisement concerning the leasing. He also stated that he could not tell grown people that they “could not drink on the field.” He said that sort of enforcement would be up to the police.
Hadsock stated that the ball field had been leased out for a source of revenue for the city since the 1990s. He went on to say that the Sunday League could contact the present teams leasing the field. However, Hadsock said that the contract that the city had with Mike Barber and those current teams was a binding contract, and that his “hands were tied.” He also stated that if the Sunday Softball League wanted to lease the field after July, it would be available.
Councilwoman Vanessa Martin stated that she felt that the city maybe should have advertised the leasing of the field. She also stated that she did not personally know the people now leasing the field, and didn’t know if they could be contacted about their use of the field on Sundays.
Councilman Bob Jones stated that the people now leasing the field seemed like reasonable people and they might be willing to allow use of the field on Sundays. However, he pointed out that the city had a legal, binding contract with them, and things would have to be worked out between Flowers’ teams, and Barber’s teams.
It was suggested that Flowers should contact Barber.
Hadsock announced that councilwoman Kaye Hickox had resigned, due to health problems and disabilities. A motion passed unanimously to accept Hickox’s letter of resignation.
Sandra Thomas, chair of the children’s park committee, addressed the council and asked permission to proceed with the installation of the fence around the park. She presented a drawing of how the fence would look and asked for approval of the design from the council. A motion passed unanimously.
A motion passed to purchase a Bearcat WT 190 trimmer for the maintenance department. A new refrigerator for the depot is also to be purchased.
Maintenance supervisor Greg Toole stated that he recently had a meeting with engineer Stacy Watkins. Watkins was making notes on what needed to be done to fix the water conditions, and where it needed to be done, before work starts on an upcoming grant-funded operation.
John Presilla gave an update of the school zones. At present he was waiting on pricing for the two boxes and the wiring of the light to the box.
Old business
Hadsock called for a vote to have weekend business permits passed, along with a clarifying of the new business permits requirements. He stated that if one had someone to come in just to help out in a yard, they didn’t need to purchase a business license. But, if someone made a living at mowing, this was considered a business.
The other issue was weekend vendors. They would need to purchase a weekend permit for $25. This does not apply to yard sales. A motion passed unanimously.
The county will be doing the resurfacing of the walking track at Parker Park, but the city will need to get bids for the laying of the track. Toole said he has one bid and is waiting for a second.
New business — employee efficiency work session
Martin stated that, at a recent work session, the city had discussed drawing up better employee job descriptions, evaluation forms, warning forms and updating an employee hand book.
Martin also stated she had contacted the clerk of a neighboring city and was given a form used by their municipality for both employees’ evaluating themselves and the mayor and council’s evaluations of the employees. Martin was still working on the job descriptions.
Martin made a motion, that passed, to apply for a GMA Health Promotion grant.

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