Obama is a man of many words, but not reality

Published 6:17 am Friday, April 13, 2012

Look back to college law student Barack Obama after graduation. Of the many places he could have chosen to live, practice law and raise a family, he chose Chicago. What attracted him to Chicago? Why, it was a smart political move to start out as a community organizer. It was a fast track to joining the Chicago Democratic Party’s political machine. Chicago doesn’t play by the rules. Chicago is the birthplace of “vote early and vote often.”

There is the real world with a history and real-world history facts, and there is the Obama world. It ain’t the same! It is two different worlds! The president’s job sheet calls for more time on the job in the office of the President of the United States, and less time on the world stage supporting environmentalism, social engineering and global political controls.

President Obama is a man of words, not reality. Look at an example of some of those Obama words. You are entitled to the programs, the perks and the entitlements that you deserve and want, he says. Vote me back in for another four years and I will see that you get them. Don’t worry about the cost or who pays. I can always tax Big Oil and the rick. It’s the fair thing to do. Being “fair” is what I do!

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A day will come (sooner rather than later), when Democratic Party voters wake up one morning and cry out, “Why didn’t somebody tell us what we were getting into with Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi!”

The problem is, you were told. You chose not to believe. Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got!

Guy Barber