How could we fund improvements to public housing?

Published 6:38 pm Friday, March 30, 2012

In regard to the suggestion by Mr. Chris Hobby in The Post-Searchlight concerning building new updated housing to replace existing public housing “projects,” who will provide the funding?

We already have high taxes and high consumer prices, including fuel, high unemployment, and a depressed housing market. So, do we really need new housing and, again, who will fund it?
I agree with Mr. Hobby that the “projects” are not the most desirable places to live, so let’s give the occupants some flexibility to find and hopefully afford a home in an existing community. Perhaps HUD funds and programs such as job training for the unemployed could help some people afford homes.

Then, work with the local financial institutions (not the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac scam), and with local Realtors in making affordable housing a reality for some. Also, this might provide jobs for some local people in areas, such as home-spraying, painting and repairs.

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Brenda Huggins