Climax Golden Agers enjoy hearing about Frees’ Mexico trip

Published 8:54 am Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MARLENE FREE, at right, gives a guided tour of places in Mexico to the Climax Golden Agers.


Climax Correspondent

The Climax Golden Agers got a “guided tour of Mexico,” by way of Marlene and Dean Free, through a fantastic slide show on Wednesday, March 14.

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The group enjoyed scenes from Marlene and Dean’s travels, including beaches to shops, landmark churches, and adobe-style buildings to more modern skyscrapers like those in the U.S., and agriculture of the area.

Marlene explained that, as in any country, Mexico has tourist attractions and then the old styles where there as she showed many scenes of the countryside. She also stated that, as in any country, one should never travel alone.

However, she said that one of the main focuses of the show at this meeting was to remind all that Mexico was our neighbor to the south, and we should have a good relationship with them. She continued telling that they weren’t really that different from us here in the U.S. She noted that in the agriculture, food and business, the Mexicans and U.S. were very similar. The reason for this, she said, was the Spanish influence there and here in Florida.

There are loving and caring people there, same as here, and very hard workers, she said. She encouraged everyone not to judge everyone in Mexico by some of the media coverage, just as you wouldn’t judge everyone here by some of the things that occur here. She covered areas from the Baja peninsula, several ports with beautiful shorelines, Cancún, and Mexico City. She showed much of the tropical fruit grown there as well as vegetables. All enjoyed the presentation.

ONE GROUP OF GOLDEN AGERS was all ears and eyes as they enjoyed a “trip to Mexico” through the slide show.

President Bonnie Maloy welcomed all and provided a story about two best friends, Rose and Barb, who lived to be in their 90s and loved playing soft ball. Rose became sick and was on her death bed. Barb visited every day, and near the time of Rose’s departure, Barb asked, “Rose when you get to heaven please let me know if there is a woman’s softball team in heaven. “Rose agreed to this and soon passed away.

Shortly after Rose’s death, one night Barb was awakened from a sound sleep. Someone was calling her name, “Barb, Barb,” and then there was a blinding flash of light. The voice said, “This is Rose.” She told Barb she was in Heaven and had some good news and a little bad news. Barb wanted the good news first, so Rose said, “The good news is there is softball in heaven, and it is always spring time and it never rains here. We never get tired we can plan softball all we want to.” Barb replied, “This is beyond my wildest dreams, I’m so happy, but what is the bad news?” Rose replied, “Well, you are scheduled to pitch Tuesday!”

Bonnie also gave the devotional, referring to Colossians 12, and how we all should have our oil can of joy, helpfulness, cheerfulness, or kindness ready to help others.

Remembered in prayer due to sickness or other circumstances were: Everyone was glad to see Alma Hart out and about again, but continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Due to an accident, Roy Harrison, (Kenneth Harrison, father, Ginger Harrison, father-in-law and Dawn Harrison’s grandfather) is having surgery in Tallahassee. Prayers were also said for Betty and Willard Weaver — Willard is sick, Doris and Foy Hobbs, Tony Williamson, Marvin Rentz, Leland Ponder, Irene Jones, Marge Jones and Ann Hester.

All were reminded to mark their calendars for the Ham and Egg Supper on Thursday before Easter, April 5. Plates are $7 each.

Winning the door prize was Ausmus Betts, and celebrating birthdays in March were Edna Lou Parker and Fannie Wells.