Climax Council approves burn pit ordinance

Published 8:01 am Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Climax Correspondent

The Climax City Council adopted a new ordinance regulation for the city’s burn pit, at the regular meeting on Monday, March 12.

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Number 12-115 states that it is “unlawful for any person to deposit, or to even allow any other person to deposit any item in or near the City’s burn pit that would be considered, household trash, hazardous chemicals of any type, plastic bottles containers or bags, building supplies such as lumber, plywood, sheetrock, or other items used in the construction trades, metal components of any kind, tree trunks or limbs in excess of 6 inches in diameter and longer, glass items of any description and dead animals of any descriptions.”

Violators will be prosecuted and fines are: minimum of $200 to a maximum of $500 and/or a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 40 hours of community service.

All items such as newspapers, phone books, aluminum cans and plastic containers are to be recycled legally and should be placed in the recycling container across the street in front of the Climax Post Office.

The council also approved the weekend of March 24-25 as the annual Keep America Beautiful clean-up week for the city. All items to be picked up by the maintenance department free of charge are to be household appliances, etc. The list does not include hazardous materials such as paint or building materials, and no car tires. Items should be out by March 25; no return trips will be made if items aren’t out by March 25.

Sandra Thomas, chair for the children’s park committee, thanked the council for their support of the recent fundraiser and said she would present a detailed report at next month’s meeting.

Councilman Bob Thomas suggested the council look into possibly resurfacing or repairing the walking track, and that grass and tree roots are breaking through the asphalt. Estimates are to be taken and considered.

In old business, Councilwoman Vanessa Martin and Councilman Bob Jones attended the newly-elected official course in Tifton, Ga., and reported good results. They are working on presenting some ideas and plans to the council shortly.

Policeman John Presilla reported that work is in progress to restore the school zone lights at the Head Start area on Broad Street. Presently he is waiting on the Georgia Department of Transportation. But, the speed limit will have flashing lights.

The lease agreements for the gymnasium and city ball field applied for last month were finalized, as was a business permit issued to Lisa Musgrove for an antique business. The gym was leased for the amount of $200 per month, and the ball field was leased for $600 for March through July. This is for the ball teams now using the field. From March to July, no one else is to use the ball field.

Presilla said any unauthorized person caught on the field from now until July will be prosecuted.

The council also reminded citizens they would need a permit to shoot any air gun in the City of Climax. There is no cost for the permit at city hall.

A motion also passed to amend the 2011 budget to reflect the Dec. 31, 2011, financial statement.

The city’s signs are to be inventoried, to meet Federal sign regulations.

The council continued to discuss the business permits. It was brought up that possibly persons that were only mowing one or two yards in the summer and did not have a big business might not need a license for $50. On the other hand, someone coming into the city as a licensed outside business would need a permit and those wanting to set up for two or more days to sell items might need a smaller license for $25. The discussion continues.

Monday, March 19, was set as a work session for the council to discuss operational and efficiency issues.