Restaurant Sunday alcohol sales are a good thing

Published 10:47 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2012

According to unofficial results from the Decatur County Board of Elections, City of Bainbridge voters have narrowly approved the sale of alcohol by the drink in city restaurants, by a tight 659-650 margin. A similar vote to allow package sales of alcohol on Sunday failed by a count of 691 “no” to 626 “yes.”

We believe that the voters have made a sound business decision by approving the sale of alcohol by-the-drink in local restaurants. Many restaurants see alcohol as a high-profit item, and Sunday is one of the busier days of the week for restaurant attendance.

We can’t speak for restaurant owners, but it is likely that Bainbridge is now a little more attractive as a prospective location for restaurants.

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If you want to look at the issue on a moral basis, it seems much less likely that any alcohol-related crimes or intoxication would result in a restaurant, where managers have the leeway to say “you’ve had enough.” Obviously, when alcohol is purchased in a package store, it puts the responsibility solely on the consumer.

We think Tuesday’s result is a win-win for Bainbridge. It should help us look more attractive to prospective restaurateurs, but it also helps maintain the traditional Sunday values of the South that so many of us cherish.