Golden Agers enjoy word game

Published 6:03 am Friday, February 24, 2012

“How many words can you write from SPRINGTIME IN CLIMAX GEORGIA in 15 minutes?” was the question asked by program chairs Danna Sue Hadsock and Sandra Sirmons, at the Feb. 15 monthly meeting of the Climax Golden Agers.

The fellowship hall of the Climax Baptist Church became extremely quiet, as some wrote at full speed while others chewed their fingers or pencil and wished for 15 minutes to fly by. However, I must say I saw no one sneaking a peek at anyone else’s paper.

At the end of the 15 minutes, the winner was guest Amy Jones, the daughter of Bob and Marjorie Jones, with 60 words. Her mother, Marjorie Jones, was a close second with 59 words and Louise Williamson came in third with 48 words. All three received nice gifts.

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Before the game, president Bonnie Maloy welcomed all, including the guests for this month: Amy Jones and the Rev. Ed Harrell and wife Shirley. Sirmons gave the devotional, stating that February was known as the “love” month. She also read a poem titled, “Love conquers all.” Sirmons continued to quote from 1 John 4 and 8 and the popular John 3:16. God is love, she said and He gave His all for us. She closed with prayer.

Maloy read a story about how everything can go wrong in a day. A man came home she said to find his wife in hysteria. It seemed she had called the pharmacist and she felt he had insulted her over the phone. The husband immediately went down to the drug store to confront the pharmacist. The pharmacist stopped the husband and said, “Let me explain.”

The pharmacist said he had everything to go wrong trying to get to the store that morning, and when he got to the store the phone was ringing, but he had to wait on the customers that had lined up. He went to make change and seeing he had no nickels he broke a package open on the cash register, only to have them scatter all over the floor; all the while the phone was still ringing.

He picked up all the nickels and when rising from the floor he hit his head on the cash register, causing a large goose egg, and the phone was still ringing. As he got up from the floor with the nickels, he staggered back and hit a perfume counter, causing several to fall to the floor and break. He finally made it to the phone to have the gentleman’s wife ask, “How do you use a rectal thermometer?” The pharmacist said to the husband, “Sir as God as my witness I told her!”

Which brings us to: Get well wishes due to sickness or other concerns were sent to: Ann Hester, Alma Hart, June Mosely, Foy and Doris Hobbs, Diane Gibson, Marge Jones, Leland Ponder, Robby Palmer, Barbara Watts (car accident), and all caregivers. Celebrating birthdays in February were Louise Williamson, and Gene Ouzts. Winning the door prizes was guest Shirley Harrell. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful covered dish luncheon.


Prayer and deepest sympathy is with the Anderson family in Climax during their time of grief. Such a terrible loss in a son, husband, and father. He will be greatly missed.

Name left out

Mrs. Viola Adams’ name was inadvertently left off the Pilipino descent of the article about Joseph Kelly’s house blessing. Viola is a very close friend of the family and calls Joseph her little boy. She attended the celebration along with her husband, Buddy. The Adamses are from Bainbridge.

Spaghetti dinner

The Climax Children’s Park committee will sponsor a spaghetti dinner Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Climax Community clubhouse from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Plates will be $6 each and proceeds will benefit the children’s play park. For more information and/or tickets, contact city hall at (229) 246-0467.

A World Day of Prayer service

The Climax United Methodist Women will hold a world day of prayer service on Friday, March 2, at noon at the Climax United Methodist Church. “Bring Your Own Sack Lunch” will follow in the fellowship hall. Drinks and desserts will be provided. An offering will be received for missions, relative to women and children in the United States and in other countries. Contact Sandra Sirmons for more information at (229) 246-9827.

Annual prayer breakfast

Greater Mt. Calvary, First Born Church of the Living God, will host their annual prayer breakfast Saturday, March 17, at 9 a.m., in the church annex. Special guest speaker will be Pastor Steve Poppell of the Climax Baptist Church. Donations will be accepted at $6 per plate. Elder Earl O. German is pastor for Greater Mt. Calvary. For more information, contact Ruby Douglas Peterson at (229) 254-8202 or (229) 220-0570.

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