If Washington were here…

Published 5:49 pm Friday, February 17, 2012

On Monday, many people will observe President’s Day, officially known in federal law as Washington’s Birthday, whether they know it or not.

But we have to wonder, if George Washington—the founder of our nation and its first president—were alive today, what would he think of all the various challenges and crises the United States faces today?

What would Washington think of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Syria—which must have been rough blots on a map of the Middle East in his time—presenting threats so grave that the U.S. has taken or will consider military action to deal with?

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What would he think of the situations in both the United States and Europe, where enormous government bailouts of businesses and even other nations have been necessary to prevent economic collapse?

We don’t have Washington or the other founding fathers around to make our decisions for us, but we do still have the democracy they created for us.

Read as much as you can of current events, consider your stance and pray about how they affect you and other Americans. Then take the opportunity in this year’s elections to vote for the presidential and Congressional candidates of your choice.