Young people participate in Raymond Miles program

Published 9:19 am Friday, February 10, 2012

PARTICIPANTS IN THE 2012 Raymond Miles Youth Leadership class are (in no particular order) Sarah Grace Carpenter, Caitlin Cato, Ramsay Chambers, Edward Comerford, Claire Culverson, Ethan Godby, Emma Griffin, Gunner Griffin, Katie Harrell, Madison Helms, Beth Hodges, Kyle Horne, Erin Kirkus, Hannah Lambert, Jason Long, Maddie McIntosh, Courtlind Miller, Rion Murrah, Sarah Anne New, Re'Quan Parris, Chason Phillips, Morgan Powell, Daniel Ray, Brandi Register, Hunter Savage, Taylor Strickland, Jakob Thorn, Blake Voyles, James Wilson, and Amanda Wooten.

Special to The Post-Searchlight

Thirty young leaders-in-the-making began the 2012 Raymond Miles Youth Leadership class by participating in a twelve hour retreat on Jan. 20.

Greg McDonald, Atlas Educational Services founder and owner, guided the students in activities that required them to work as a team, put their trust in one another and develop ideas to solve some intricate puzzles. Later in the day, the students were challenged by Leadership Chairman Charlotte Howard, to identify and verbally describe to their peers the key leadership skills that were portrayed in a movie they watched.

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The evening ended with more team-building activities, which required a bit of creativity and bravery. The retreat was filled with new friendships, fun, adventure and surprises.

Participants will now meet weekly through March 26 as they are exposed to a series of classes designed to build leadership skills. As they learn about community organizations and government, they will be encouraged to give back and help others.