BC needs public opinion for new logo

Published 10:45 am Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proposed new Bainbridge College logo - three variations


BC Communications Specialist

The company creating a new logo for Bainbridge College needs the public’s feedback to help assist it with the final selection.

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Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 8, and continuing for two weeks, those in the communities that Bainbridge College serves, its students, and its faculty and staff are asked to complete a simple online survey of the three proposed new logos.

To participate in the survey, go to the college’s Web site, www.bainbridge.edu, and click on the link that will link to the survey.

The survey will end on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

The need for a new logo became clear to BC President Richard Carvajal after there appeared to be inconsistencies in the use of the present handful of BC’s logos. For example, he said each time he has to get business cards printed for himself or members of his cabinet, those cards have different logos.

“When I first came here a year ago, one logo would be on business correspondences and yet another on signage,” Carvajal said. “As part of the college’s strategic plan, we want to have an image plan that will be used consistently that reflects and communicates our defining characteristics such as accessibility, affordability, a caring, comfortable environment, and resourcefulness.”

The online survey is another step Creosote Affects of Emmitsburg, Md., is conducting to help the college finalize its selection of a new logo. Last fall, several representative groups of students, faculty and staff, and community members from both Bainbridge and Blakely, Ga., met with representatives from Creosote Affects and discussed what they envision the logo would entail.

The design and selection of the logo is just part of the college’s overall plans to develop new guidelines for consistently and effectively communicating its message to potential students and other supporters. In the end, the college plans to update its business cards, letterhead, signage, advertising, and use the new design guidelines to create and launch a new college Web site.