‘Snowflake Ball’ is a special event

Published 5:34 am Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This past Saturday, the Decatur County Special Olympics committee put on its second annual Snowflake Ball, holding the event in the spacious and modern Kirbo Center at Bainbridge College.

The Snowflake Ball allows for our handicapped citizens, and citizens with special needs, to have the opportunity to enjoy a night of fun and dancing in a “high school prom”-like setting. The Ball features a DJ, Bill Searcy, balloons and other decorations, refreshments, and even a full promenade where the Special Olympians get the chance to get dolled up and walk through the building before the dance. Some even have the chance to arrive by limousine.

All you have to do is look at the photos and see the smiles on the faces of those Special Olympians, to know that this is one of the highlights of their years. Their joy and excitement is genuine and it is wonderful that our Special Olympics committee has so many people willing to volunteer their time and efforts to make sure this event is second-to-none.

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