Award winners are worthy of praise

Published 6:32 pm Friday, January 27, 2012

The success of a community often depends on those who are willing to give their time and talents, usually while expecting nothing in return. However, Thursday night was a chance to give a little honor and recognition to those individuals, as the Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards banquet at the Kirbo Center.

The Kiwanis Club Man of the Year winner, Dewey Robinson, is a full-time businessman who owns several businesses in Decatur County. That hasn’t stopped him from serving on several important boards of directors, including the Bainbridge Salvation Army Service Center and the executive committee of the Bainbridge College Foundation. When he accepted his award Thursday, Robinson said, “I promise to fill the shoes of the other men who have won this award, and do what I can to see that Bainbridge remains a great place to live.” What a wonderful statement, and one that we can all take to heart.

The Pilot Club Woman of the Year winner, Marjorie Mayfield, served as the chairperson for the board of directors of the United Way of Bainbridge-Decatur County. She’s also been involved in several fundraisers for the Rotary Club, including projects that have worked to increase literacy in our schools.

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Robinson and Mayfield were just two of the many outstanding individuals who were honored at Thursday’s banquet. We can truly find inspiration in their selfless desire to improve the lives of everyone in Decatur County. Congratulations to all of the winners.