Litter cops may soon be multiplying

Published 8:22 am Friday, January 20, 2012

Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Robert Humphrey portrays one of the "Litter Cops," seen here in front of BPS Headquarters on Shotwell Street.


News Intern

More “litter cops” are coming soon.

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According to Suzanne Brandt, the executive director of Keep Decatur County Beautiful, new locations will soon be added for the cardboard signs, which feature life-size photographs of law enforcement officers and information about fines for littering.

The new signs will be located at the Decatur County Courthouse and Hutto Middle School. There are already signs at the industrial park, Bainbridge Public Safety station and Bainbridge High School.

Bainbridge Public Safety Capt. Robert Humphrey, who served as the model for one of the original litter cops, said that he feels the litter cop signs have been effective.

“If a person has the mindset that littering is what they’re going to do and the person sees the sign and won’t do it, to me that’s a good thing — anything that’ll help,” he said.

Brandt said the most effective litter cop sign was probably the one placed at the industrial park, where there was also a police cruiser parked next to the sign.

“The one outside of the police station is the one that people mention to me the most,” she said.