Pellet guns shot at apartment building

Published 1:57 pm Friday, January 13, 2012

Bainbridge Public Safety received a report of someone causing damage at Brierwood Apartments in Bainbridge by shooting pellet guns at various objects.

On Wednesday morning at 11:21 a.m., BPS Officer Gary Hines responded to the apartments and spoke with the manager, who stated that pellet guns had apparently been used to damage two electrical meters, vinyl siding on a building and outdoor lights at the complex. Maintainence employees also found several pellet gun cartridges and pellets on and around Brierwood Apartments. Georgia Power had to come replace the electrical meters.

Later that afternoon, Sgt. Ray Cox came back to Brierwood Apartments after an anonymous caller complained that three youth with pellet guns were firing at lights and power meters. Using the caller’s description of three young men and their clothing, Sgt. Cox located three suspects in front of an apartment building.

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Two suspects were banned from the property and warned not to return to the property, or they could be arrested for criminal trespass. The apartment manager identified one suspect as a resident of the apartments.


Property thefts reported

The following burglaries, property thefts and break-ins were reported to Bainbridge Public Safety and the Sheriff’s Office within recent days:

• 1/12, convenience store on E. Shotwell St., hand truck taken from delivery truck;

• 1/12, 200 block of W. College St., two electric ranges, one refrigerator and one chest freezer taken from storage building;

• 1/12, 400 block of E. Shotwell St., cash and checks taken from two vehicles;

• 1/11, Garden Lane, money taken from vehicle;

• 1/11, Cheney St., video game console and laptop computer taken from house;

• 1/10, City of Bainbridge Vehicle Shop at 1503 Pierce St., battery taken from a truck;

• 1/10, Mitchell Street, stolen bike;

• 1/10, 1100 block of Morningside Drive, money taken from vehicle;

• 1/11, 400 block of Flint River Heights Road, jewelry box stolen from residence;

• 1/9, Brinson Town Hall at 179 Clifton Street, money taken from after-hours drop box;

• 1/9, Jamestown Apartments at 922 S. Scott St., apartment broken into;

• 1/9, business on Dothan Road, radio frequency scanner taken from vehicle;

• 1/9, 200 block of E. Evans St., Macintosh laptop taken from residence;

• 1/9, Ward Road, jewelry and money taken from residence;

• 1/8, Hutto-McIver apartments at 815 MLK Jr. Drive, hand gun and coin jar taken;

• 1/7, 1800 block of Yates Spring Road, cast iron items, water pump, deer stand, refrigerator and stove taken from storage shed and residence;

• 1/7, Tallahassee Highway business, laptop computer stolen from a vehicle’s trunk;

• 1/7, 1300 block of E. Troup St., silver necklaces, wrist watches, shoes and liquor taken from residence;

• 1/5, 1000 block of James St., television and laptop PC taken from residence;

• 1/5, Recovery Road, handgun, video game console, video games and laptop PC taken from residence.