Smith’s columns will be missed

Published 6:24 pm Friday, January 6, 2012

Last week’s paper brought home again the reality of change we all face, from those we have grown accustomed to being around. The discovery that Jim Smith will no longer be providing copy and thoughts to The Post-Searchlight will leave a void. My discovery of Mr. Smith and his bookstore came very late, actually only shortly prior to him making the apparent difficult decision to end the business venture of his corner bookstore.

The true discovery of him as a person was through his writings and commentary located on the printed page, as we learned of his family, business and great appreciation of each of us in Decatur County. His writings often gave hope and encouragement and seldom were loaded with a ponderance of all that’s bad. He avoided the harsh criticisms only due to one person’s political party, or the fact that another person may choose a different path to follow while attempting to solve problems than what we would suggest.

Mr. Smith’s loss from the paper does give the opportunity to “begin anew.” However, we would be well served to have a similar person to fill his shoes and to provide us all with positive insights to improving our community.

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Jim, we only met once, but you will be missed as a friend. Best of luck, and Tallahassee and your family are blessed to have you.

Emory Johnson