BC promotes 13 faculty members, 3 tenured

Published 7:13 am Friday, January 6, 2012


BC Communications Specialist

Bainbridge College recently announced that 13 faculty members have been promoted, three of whom were granted tenure.

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Gena Peterson, Marina von Hirsch and Yu Zhang were granted tenure, which is extended to faculty members who show superior teaching and demonstrate excellence in instruction; demonstrate academic achievement as appropriate to the college and outstanding service to the institution, profession or community; and have achieved professional growth and development.

“Tenure is awarded in appreciation of distinguished teaching and advising,” Bainbridge College President Richard Carvajal said of the three whose promotions became effective Aug. 1, 2011. “I am thrilled that this year’s tenure class has chosen to invest their talents to advance this institution.”

Peterson is an assistant professor of nursing, von Hirsch is associate professor of English and Zhang, who was also promoted from assistant professor, is an associate professor of computer science.

Hope Toole was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of technical mathematics.

The following faculty members were promoted from instructors to assistant professors of their respective fields: Claude Bell is now assistant professor of electronics technology; Melissa Harrell is assistant professor of criminal justice; Tammy Hinson is assistant professor of learning support English and reading; Kathleen Ketterer is assistant professor of business and is under pre-tenure review; Sheila McLendon is assistant professor of technical mathematics; David Sarrette is assistant professor of health, physical education and wellness; Frederick Shorter is assistant professor of English composition; Teresa Teal is assistant professor of learning support mathematics, and Amy Wells is assistant professor of technical mathematics.