Intern: ‘I’m learning a lot’

Published 4:25 pm Friday, December 30, 2011

The Post-Searchlight News Intern Kayla Hurley, a senior at Georgia Southern University


News Intern

The first time I stepped into The Post-Searchlight, I was there to interview for an internship. I was a little concerned after I’d looked “less than knowledgeable,” when asked about my experience with journalism programs such as NewsEdit, Photoshop and professional cameras. After all, most of my previous experience had been writing for college magazines.

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As a senior English major at Georgia Southern University, I know the importance of gaining experience in my intended field. Through my experiences working with Student Media at my university, I knew magazine publishing was the direction I want to eventually go. My goal was to work with Bainbridge Living magazine while I was home for Christmas, but I forgot one simple element of small-town living. Working with the local magazine means also working for the local newspaper. I left the interview with my first assignment. I had to learn how to write newspaper journalism.

After a few weeks of working on my writing skills, my internship at The Post-Searchlight began. The first day I followed around the managing editor, frantically taking notes that read more like an instruction manual for saving the world.

At the end of my crash course, I was assigned my first three stories to write. I was handed phone numbers, story topics and instructions to “holler” if I needed anything.

As I started getting more comfortable with phone interviews and writing stories, I began to realize all of the things I liked about working in newspaper journalism.

Being a writer allows me to talk with members of the community about issues that affect them directly. When I go out to get a story, I meet people who are passionate about what they’re doing. Seeing members of the community helping others and making a difference makes me thankful for the things that I have in my life.

My winter break after a long semester in college would usually entail sleeping and watching extensive amounts of HGTV, yet friendly members of our community remind me why I’m doing this internship. I am influenced by the stories I write and by the people I come in contact with. Although I never figured out the professional camera, I am going to leave The Post-Searchlight knowing more about myself than I did when I walked through the door.

Kayla Hurley is a Bainbridge High School alumna and a senior at Georgia Southern University, who is currently working as a news intern for The Post-Searchlight.