New high school sports regions announced

Published 5:19 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Georgia High School Association, which oversees public schools’ athletics in the state, has released the proposed region alignments for teams in all six classifications.

The GHSA recently added a sixth classification, AAAAA, which is comprised of schools with the largest total enrollment. Bainbridge has moved up from AAAA to AAAAA, along with all the other schools that BHS teams have been playing for the past two years.

However, the new regions, which won’t be finalized until January after schools have had a chance to apply for lateral transfers between regions, look to alter the schedule for BHS teams, particularly the football team.

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The new proposed Region 1-AAAAA will be subdivided into two subregions. Most other sports, including basketball, only play teams within the subregion during the regular season, but may face the other subregion’s schools in post-season play.

Subregion A will be comprised of Hardaway, Harris County and Northside-Columbus, all of which are located in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Subregion B will be comprised of Bainbridge, Thomas County Central and Lee County.

Three teams which have been in Bainbridge’s region for the past two years will move to another region; they are Houston County, Northside-Warner Robins and Warner Robins, all of which are located in the same county. The three Warner Robins teams will be in Subregion B of Region 2-AAAAA with Jones County, located just north of Macon. Subregion A of Region 2 would be comprised of four Augusta area schools.

When the GHSA locks in the regions in January, they will last for two years before re-alignment happens again.

View all of the proposed new regions in Classes A-AAAAAA here (PDF, 136 kb)