Golden agers enjoy annual chicken pilau

Published 9:36 pm Monday, November 28, 2011

Serving chicken and rice all the way from Paderborn, Germany, was Daniela Maas (far left), a Rotary Club International scholarship student from Valdosta State University. Joining her to help serve at Friday’s chicken pilau were Marlene Free and Bonnie Maloy, both members of the Golden Agers.


Climax Correspondent

The Climax Golden Agers served up heaping plates of chicken and rice Friday night, with the help of a student all the way from Paderborn, Germany.

Darlene Cloud and James Brown enjoy a plate of pilau before going to the Grand Old Opry.

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Daniela Maas, an International Student at Valdosta State University by way of a Rotary Club Scholarship, graciously assisted Golden Agers Marlene Free and Bonnie Maloy as folks like Darlene Cloud and James Brown from Bainbridge made their way through the line for some good eating before going on to the Grand Old Opry Show.

As she shook some hot sauce on her plate of rice and chicken, Cloud said this was her first time out to Climax and the Grand Old Opry Show, and that she and her escort James Brown (he said, “not the singer Brown”) were looking forward to the experience.

Tony Williamson and Dutch Wingate greeted the guests and welcomed all to a delicious supper.