St. John’s Festival offered ‘something for everyone’

Published 11:57 am Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday was the perfect day for outdoor festivities at St. John’s Episcopal Church, and, as advertised, “there was something of interest for everyone.”

Vendors displayed stained-glass lamp shades, handmade Christmas decorations, scented candles and oils, jewelry, water color paintings, photography and other novelty items. The Humane Society and the Marley Memorial Free Spay and Neuter both had booths there, as well as one vendor from Marianna, Fla. who came for the first time and brought her “Red Neck wine glasses,” which looked a lot like a footed Mason jar complete with lid.

Inside the fellowship hall were homemade soup mixes, baked breads, cakes, pies and other assorted goodies for sale.

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St. John the Apostle (played by Dale Brock) was even on the grounds to welcome everyone and share a bit of Scriptural history.

The sanctuary of the church was the scene of a children’s musical-magical show presented by “Windsor Swing,” the illusion act of Bainbridge’s own Clive and Eileen Parker. Both children and adult volunteers from the audience had close-up views and were puzzled by the disappearance of milk poured into a hollow cylinder, then its amazing reappearance as it was poured back into a glass. They also witnessed the magical powers of silks that seemed to produce many wondrous things, including a decorated cupcake from out of nowhere.

Decatur County Deputies Richard Hughes and Ken Davidson were there with the Child Identification Program (CHIP), a project they conduct in conjunction with the Georgia Free Masons, providing fingerprint/DNA/photo identification of children.

The two-day festival is an annual event of the church, which offers its buildings and grounds for the community participation.