Bravo council for giving people a choice

Published 5:57 pm Friday, November 18, 2011

At Tuesday’s Bainbridge City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to allow the citizens of Bainbridge to determine whether alcohol sales should be allowed on Sundays. The issue will be placed on the ballot for the March 6, 2012, presidential preference primary election.

Regardless of how one sides on the issue of Sunday alcohol sales, we can hopefully all agree that it is fair to allow the people of Bainbridge to vote. This is an issue that has already been decided in many other communities throughout Georgia, and now it will be Bainbridge’s turn.

In fact, one can argue that placing the referendum on March’s ballot is even more fair than if it had been on the ballot in the election just recently held. With the large number of candidates — including two with strong Georgia ties — vying to become the Republican presidential nominee, it is likely that the March 2012 presidential preference primary will attract large voter interest. It also gives proponents of both sides of the issue more time to make their points and educate the electorate on the pros and cons of Sunday alcohol sales.

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More voters means a fairer election, one that will give an honest picture of whether the people of Bainbridge really want Sunday alcohol sales or not.