BC honors its veterans, inaugurates student group

Published 7:06 am Friday, November 18, 2011

Bainbridge College (BC) students, faculty and staff recently gathered on campus to honor veterans, applauding them as they stood to be recognized when their respective service branch was named. BC’s VA Certifying Official Jason Sellars, who is also a student at the college, gave the keynote address at the Nov. 10 event, during which he announced the formation of the BC Chapter of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) national organization. He is seen during his presentation in the Student Wellness Center as he gestures to show an item in the display of military equipment and overseas memorabilia. SVA presented the event in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the Student Ambassadors. Like SVA itself, the event was designed to serve as an opportunity for veterans to network and for building community among SVA members. SVA also hopes to network with other veteran organizations and veteran supportive businesses.

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