Climax seniors enjoy 17th banquet

Published 7:44 am Monday, November 14, 2011


Climax Correspondent

More than 50 Climax senior citizens enjoyed the 17th annual banquet celebration, held in their honor at the Climax Tiger’s Den on Saturday, Nov. 12.  Barbara Pugh, one of the sponsors of the annual event that began with the Rev. Ronald Williams 17 years ago, gave the welcome.

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She said it was sad that at least 42 members had passed away during these years; however, in honor of their memory, the celebration continues to show appreciation and love to the senior citizens in the Climax community each year. She went on to say that the committee members who sponsor the event are grateful to give back to a generation of people who will always be cherished, a generation of mentors and leaders of the Climax community who have strived to make life better for those coming after them.

The following poem written by Ms. Pugh best explains the respect and love for the senior citizens. She read the following:

ABC- You’re always Blessed and cared for.

DEF-You’re doing everything faithfully.

GHI-You’re grateful, helpful, and important.

JKL-You’re joyful, kind, and loved.

MNO-You’re marvelous, needed and open minded.

PQR- You’re precious, quite acceptable and respected.

STUV-You’re smart, thankful, unique and valuable.

WXYZ- You’re wise with an x-ray heart, and a yearning zeal to conquer anything.

She said, “Two things I have learned about senior citizens: They don’t worry about money, and they don’t put up with foolishness.  All of you are the generation that God made in His own image and said that’s good. You’re special, and you’re loved.”

Presenting the program was Climax Policeman John Presilla and Lt. Craig Josey of the Climax Volunteer Fire Department. The speakers gave many interesting points on safety for the elderly.

Presilla reminded everyone not to believe all you see and hear. He told the guests to watch for scams. “If it is too good to be true, then it is probably not true,” he said.

Lt. Josey reminded everyone about the safety of heating their homes. He cautioned all to be extra careful with space heaters in the coming cold weather.

The  opening song , “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior,” was led by Ethel Fuller, and prayer was offered by the Rev. Joseph Hankins with closing song by Vera McGregor and closing prayer by the Rev. Ronald Williams.

The oldest senior at 90 years was Inez Water, who received a gift certificate from Winn-Dixie. Other door prizes went to 21 of the seniors, and bingo game winners for prizes were: Ozell Samuels, Brenda Thomas, Irene Scott, Katherine Young and Sallie Beasley.

Committee members sponsoring the annual senior banquet were Barbara Pugh, Letha Jackson, James Jackson and Sandra Brown.

Climax is very proud to have such distinguished seniors representing the community, and extends best wishes to each and every one for many more celebrations in the years to come.