Is it time for ‘Newt’ to become the frontrunner?

Published 9:26 pm Friday, November 11, 2011

Well, we’ve had Jimmy Carter as a president from Georgia, could we have Newt Gingrich in 2012?
Polls show Newt on the rise, collecting record donations to his Republican presidential campaign last month — $1.2 million, an increase over the previous three months of political campaigning.
Newt was at his best again this week in the presidential debates. He has latched onto a plan of attack which is garnering him the notice he seeks. His method of operation is to attack the mainstream media for all the problems he faces. It’s their fault.
The stop Romney movement is ongoing, with the former Massachusetts governor leading in most of the polls to be the Republican nominee to face the president in 2012. Since Herman Cain is seen soon to be an also-ran, not able to fully explain the sexual harassment charges against him, the new emerging candidate is Newt.
Yes, Newt.
If you do some research on his presidential campaign, Newt has become very good at avoiding questions not of his liking. You remember the issue about his half million dollar bill with Tiffanys. When pressed about what did he buy at Tiffany’s jewelry store, Newt said it was a way of doing business, and what he and his wife did with their personal finances, was their business.
On other questions about his marriages, and his involvement with the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, during the same time he was dating someone who was not his wife, Newt said he wasn’t going to play the Washington game of “Gotcha.”
Asked if his moral actions were a hypocritical interpretation of his religious values, Newt said he believes in a forgiving God.
So in the next few months we may hear and see a lot about Newt Gingrich, rising in the polls, and getting closer to the apparent Republican front-runner. He will then be the focus of more scrutiny on his political agenda, and particularly his personal past. Newt says the past is no longer important, but only the future of America is important, for which he will focus his energies.
The scrutiny of course will come from the mainstream media, of which he has been highly critical, pointing the finger in that direction for all the negative things being said about his candidacy. When your campaign is struggling, pick something to rant about, something to get attention. We’ve seen it in the debates, where Newt baits the moderators, thinks the questions are stupid, or deflects the answers by declaring it’s impossible to discuss in 30 seconds.
Whatever his strategy, apparently it’s beginning to work. Newt rising in the polls. Rick Perry’s huge gaffe, handing it to Newt. Perry becoming an also-ran. Wow. Who would have thunkit?
The feeling among Republican movers and shakers is “anybody but Romney,” but no one has come alive to push him out of the way.
Could it be Newt?
Let’s watch the fun.
Jim Smith writes a weekly column for The Post-Searchlight. He can be reached through his email at

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