If fall is here, can Halloween be close?

Published 8:05 pm Friday, September 30, 2011

Stick your head out the window or door this morning and see if the weatherman is correct.

It’s supposed to be really, really, really cool this morning, along with more of the same, the next week. Cooler is expected to be even cooler as the week progresses.

Did we ever wonder if fall would get here?

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It’s been an unusually hot summer, an upper 90s constant. But don’t worry, it’s only an oasis in the desert. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says it has nothing to do with global warming.

Hey Rick. Your Texas is on fire!

Now that fall is here, and hopefully here to stay, there’s lots to do between now and Christmas.

There’s football to watch, both college and professional. There’s Halloween to prepare for, then Thanksgiving, leaves to rake, yuletide shopping, etc.

We arrived in Bainbridge in the early 1990s, at the end of October, and the first event I attended as the new editor of The Post-Searchlight was Pumpkins In The Park.

“What a neat idea,” I thought at the time, and actually still do. It was a hoot watching the kids scream in terror after the corpse in the coffin suddenly jumped to life. Those kids then, 20 years ago, could be in the park this month with their own kids, pushing them towards the scary stuff.

Halloween is neat. It’s a lot of fun. I like the artwork and the colors associated with the date, the creativity of costumes and the strange creatures that inhabit our stores and banks.

Oh well. It only happens once a year.

It’s also a time to bring out my story on “The Ghost Who Haunts Willis Park.”

The Willis Park ghost adventure is one of those stories I thought would catch on, vividly engrained in our imagination, with a movie contract and big bucks to follow.

I thought at the time, almost every town in Georgia has a resident ghost, or even some ghost stories that folks like to bring up at this time of the year.

So “The Ghost Who Haunts Willis Park” was my attempt to give Bainbridge our very own ghost story.

So, since it never caught on, please don’t ask me to bring it out again. No. No. Never. It now resides only in my computer memory bank, scaring viruses from the hard drive.

So now it’s getting cooler. Will the gnats be gone? Whew, they were tough this summer.

Will we have a cold winter? Prognosticators say it should be a mild one, but last year freeze days were quite common. Will it be a repeat?

Why is it when it is cold, we say if summer comes, I won’t complain about the heat. Then when summer comes, we say, will this hot weather ever break? When will fall arrive?

There’s no doubt about it. Heat be gone! It’s time to cool off.

Get out the silly stuff. Halloween is next.

Jim Smith writes a weekly column for The Post-Searchlight. He can be reached through his website at: www.jimsopinions.com or email at: bainbooknook@yahoo.com.