Historical precincts now have signs

Published 6:20 pm Thursday, September 29, 2011


Climax Correspondent

The three historical voting precincts, Pine Hill, Bell, and Parker sit majestically on the Swine Time grounds in Climax joining the old log cabin. The old cabin has been recognized by the Decatur County Historical Society as the sign denotes in front of the cabin.

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Signs have now been placed in front of each of the old voting precinct, attesting to where they came from and if they were ever a court house.

Located in the Parker precinct is an old voting booth. The Climax Community Club appointed a committee to furnish these old precincts to the time they were built as a one-room school house, a militia court house, and a voting precinct. The committee consisting of chair, Reba Rehberg, with Louise Williamson, Alma Hart, June Mosely and Jean Ouzts as members, are seeking items of this time frame to be placed in the precincts.

The old log cabin has been restored and is open for tours during the Swine Time Festival. That is the plan for the precincts. There is also a plan for the precinct to be opened upon appointments for tours during the year for school children.

It is important to keep the history of these old building in tact, so if you know or have any items of this time frame that can be used to furnish them and would like to donate something please contact chair Reba Rehberg at (229) 246-3747 or assistant chair Louise Williamson at (229) 243-7511. Please help Climax preserve our history of Decatur County.