Here’s a common sense approach to ‘going green’

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Several things have contributed to the “greening of America” frenzy of the last several years. These include Al Gore’s assertion of global warming if we don’t reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; President Obama’s push for “green jobs” in his stimulus plan and his appointment of communist Van Jones as green jobs czar; forcing General Motors to build the Chevy Volt, a lawn mower without blades but with Korean-made batteries; phasing out conventional light bulbs in favor of GE “curly fry” bulbs with toxic mercury in them; directing the EPA to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant after the cap-and-trade bill failed; and giving a taxpayer-funded loan to a solar panel company who soon went bankrupt. What’s next? I can’t even begin to speculate.

By the way, water vapor is a much more abundant greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but there’s no way for Gore or the government to make money and further destroy industry by regulating water emissions. Maybe they can tax God when it rains.

If you really want to go green, support agriculture and forestry. Green plants and algae convert carbon dioxide and water into food and oxygen. So, buy and use products like fresh produce, cereal grains, cotton, peanuts, beef, pork, dairy products, poultry and eggs, farm-raised fish and wood products.

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If you already do most of this, continue; you’re green. Of course, we all should conserve fuel when we can, and recycle our metals, paper, and plastic. Common sense is not yet regulated by the government, so if God gave it to you, use it.

P.S. I believe GM makes some good vehicles. I just don’t think the Chevy Volt is one of them.

Bob Lane