Climax gets $353K grant for water system work

Published 10:12 am Friday, September 16, 2011


Climax Correspondent

Climax Mayor Charles Hadsock announced at the regular city council meeting on Monday, Sept. 12, that the City of Climax would be receiving a $352,952 grant for the improvement and overhaul of the city’s water system, from the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

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The Mayor and council worked and applied for this grant earlier in the year and on Friday, Sept.16, Hadsock received the check in a ceremony held in Macon.

The water system in Climax, according to all who have worked on maintenance, was very old and had deteriorated with some outlawed blue poly pipe in the system. Citizens complained about the low water pressure, and part of this was due to the pipes down Broad Street being the first pipe laid in the early 1900’s when the town installed running water. Hadsock said work will begin on the water system as soon as possible.

In other water-related issues, after receiving another letter from the city, Utility Services has since done the repainting and removal of rust and flaking paint on the water tank.

The council amended its police car policy to read as follows:

“Item 12: City of Climax, Georgia, Police car will be used only for official business of the city of Climax, Ga. Civilians will not be allowed to ride in the Police Car as a passenger for any reason not authorized as official duties and businesses of the Police Department, with the following exceptions. Local, State or Federal Officials for the purpose of accreditation, evaluation or other procedures as required by official code, ordinances or law. Mayor and city council members will be authorized to ride as a passenger for the purpose of Police department performance evaluations. Dignitaries may ride in the Police car during city of Climax or Community sponsored parades or events within the city limits of Climax, Ga. as approved by the Mayor and city council. Other requests to ride as a passenger in the car will require approval by the Mayor and city council.”

The council approved this amendment to the rules, duties and regulations of the Police department.

Two council seats, the seats now being held by Keith Harrison and Vanessa Martin, will be up for election in November. There were only two qualifying for these seats.

Incumbent Keith Harrison did not seek re-election. Incumbent Vanessa Martin qualified, and citizen, Robert, “Bob” Jones qualified. Since only two qualified, Climax will not have an election in November, and instead, the two qualified candidates will fill the seats.

This brought up the question who would fill the seat of Mayor Pro-tem, as the city ordinance specifies that this seat will be the council member receiving the highest number of votes in a regular election.

The council amended the ordinance as follows: “In the event the city of Climax is not required to hold an election pursuant to O.C.G.A 21-2-291, where the number of candidates qualifying is equal to the number of council positions up for election, the qualified candidates shall be deemed elected. The unopposed candidates shall be deemed to have voted for himself or herself. The Mayor Pro Tempore shall be elected by Majority vote of the city council and in the absence or disability of the Mayor shall possess the powers of the Mayor.”

Sam Sirmons, owner of Sam’s Alignment on Broad Street, addressed the council and asked them to look into the possibility of a guaranteed longer term rental contract at the same price for the city-owned building he occupies on Broad Street. He stated he would like to do some expansion at his expense, such as adding a restroom and sink, and maybe a small waiting room.

The council had no objection to a longer contract at the current price to include renovation to the building and with the attorney’s approval a contract will be drawn up.

Susan Crocket expressed some concerns about mowing on Hwy. 262, some trash on the road way and an increase to her water bill with a possible water leak near the meter. She was told that Hwy. 262 was the responsibility of the State and that maintenance man Greg Toole would look into her other concerns shortly.

Some problems occurred with the rental of the ball park recently. The park was left with trash and the lights were left on for an extended period. After discussion, the council voted to require a deposit of $100 for organized teams. For those renting the depot for family reunions and church events wanting to use the ball field, a deposit and rent will be negotiable.

Hadsock expressed appreciation to Johnny Lambert for pushing up the city trash pile and making it easier to burn.

The meeting was closed for an executive meeting.

When reopened, Hadsock announced that the council had received a report that Police Chief Joel Jenkins continues to be disabled and unable to return to duty.