Let’s Keep Decatur County Beautiful

Published 5:16 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chances are that you’ve seen those cardboard cutouts of law enforcement officers while driving around Decatur County recently. The lifesize cardboard signs feature a serious looking sheriff’s deputy with the sign, “Want to Litter? Fine, Your ticket will be up to $1,000.”

These signs were placed by Keep Decatur County Beautiful, a local non-profit community organization that helps reduce litter and increase public education about pollution. In addition to the officer signs, the group also sponsors regular cleanups of Decatur County roads and waterways.

It’s a truly admirable organization, but all of its hard work is for nought if we don’t take personal responsibility for our own cleanliness. The next time that you’re out driving around and have just finished some food from McDonald’s or another fast food establishment, please wait to get home and throw the trash away, rather than pitching it out your car window. If you’re going to put some trash in the bed of your pickup, please make sure the load is secured so that it doesn’t fly out while you’re driving. If you’re going to smoke, please don’t throw the ash or cigarette butts onto the road.

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We should all work together to keep Decatur County beautiful, regardless of whether there is a consequential fine or not.