Traffic signal at Shotwell and College changed

Published 4:28 pm Friday, August 5, 2011

Special to The Post-Searchlight

The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) has changed the traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 84 and College Road/Whigham Dairy Road. All Westbound and Eastbound traffic along Highway 84 will now have to wait for a green arrow to make a left turn.

The City of Bainbridge was instrumental in getting the signal changed. Earlier this year, City Manager Chris Hobby sent a letter to the Georgia Department of Transportation urging for a change at the intersection to help increase the safety of motorists.

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Hobby requested that DOT conduct a traffic study and then change the signal to a protected-only left turn signal. In July, DOT granted the City’s request and the signal change took place this week.

Since January 2008, there have been 22 accidents at the intersection, resulting in 13 injuries. The most recent accident at the site resulted in three injuries and one fatality.