Is President Obama right or is Israel?

Published 7:47 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am writing this letter as I believe I have not seen a letter wrote yet on this subject, so I am writing one that is well needed at this time, as we have Jews living here in Bainbridge and Decatur County.

I am writing on their behalf and you ask why do I concern myself, I will give you the answer, they are God’s chosen people, and since I am a Christian, all Christians should be in support of the Jewish people. I am sure you know from the Bible and from the old maps of the Middle East and especially from the Book of Genesis 15:18-21 that Israel’s borders are well defined, no part of the State of Israel or the nation, including Jerusalem, have ever belonged to the Palestinians or the Arab people, they have no right to Israel and the borders that was set by God Himself, no matter what they believe.

If you know your Bible at all, this all started in the Book of Genesis with Isaac and Ishmeel, and when they were born and when they grew up and the war and disagreement has been going on ever since. It we are going to be politically correct, as you know they are the Muslim people and if you know anything about their religion and its holy book the Koran, that the majority of that book states mostly on jihad—holy war, and also to kill the Jews and if you didn’t know the Christians also. Why do you think Iran, which was Persia, is trying to obtain nuclear weapons.

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Matthew 24:4 says, take heed that no man deceive you. If you are a person that is a righteous, good person, also a Christian, as if the Christian reads their Bible the next war we are headed for is mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter’s 38 and 39 and the Christian is watching everything line up.

So every president from Bush Sr. to President Obama. Whether Christian or not, don’t worry I am not judging, Matthew 7:1, but righteous judgment John 7:24, also the Bible says that you will know them by the fruits they bear and their Christian ways. Apparently these presidents don’t read or study their Bibles like they should or they would not be trying to divide Israel or Jerusalem up, especially President Obama.

He is the only president that I know of that totally disregards Israel, proof No. 1, he speaks out both sides of his mouth, first he says we are for Israel, next he does like he does for the Palestinians, he has plenty of help, like his cronies in Washington, like Nancy Pelosi just to name a few. No. 2, he makes Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netinyahue, wait two hours while he played basketball and eats a meal with his family, showing nothing but disrespect,

And then he goes to other counties, some are our enemies and past enemies, and hugs them, bows down to them and apologizes for definitely no reason at all and then has the gall to demand Israel to go back to the prior 1967 borders. My question to him, as I am going to write him, is who gives him the right to demand Israel on what to do?

Just a little history lesson, God will not put up with that. Genesis 12:3 says, I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you and President Obama has brought a curse upon this country. The storm’s, tornado’s, financial situation in this country, now we are headed into the hurricane season, remember we are still having earthquakes and every thing is increasing more and more, definitely getting worse. If President Obama is a true Christian he would not be sticking up for all the wrong things and hurting our country.

Bainbridge and Decatur County, you need to wake up because if we are going to be politically correct we need to stick up for Israel too. A vote is being scheduled for the month of September by the united nations with already the blessings of many counties, if our country and President Obama vote for the splitting up of the nation of Israel, most important the city of Jerusalem, which the vote is for, the city of God the Bible says, then our country, our leaders, our people, along with the other countries who support this will have God’s wreath, judgment upon them and us like it has never been, increasing weather, financial problems, earthquakes and other problems like never before, according to the Bible, Genesis 12:3.

Like I said a little history lesson. Israel’s enemies should have learned their lesson of their defeat with the help of God, Himself, that He will curse Israel’s enemies no matter who they are, that is the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, those two wars was so miraculous that our own military won’t even study those two wars, because they can not explain why they won. It’s easy, its in the Bible, the Christians already has the victory along with the Jewish people.

Read Isaiah, Chapters 61-63, the Book of Revelation and most of all the Book of John, which is the love chapter, chapter 3 in John. Now all I can tell you Bainbridge and Decatur County is pray for our country, its leaders and the nation of Israel, especially Jerusalem, Psalms 122:6.

God Bless,

David and Pamela Benjamin

Bainbridge, Ga.