Ask the Mayor

Published 7:13 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is the city’s budget process?

The city has a very extensive and detailed budget process that starts in March with the city council retreat. Here, the council discusses and decides on goals for the year.

In June, the division heads have a budget retreat where they discuss the goals that were discussed at the council retreat.

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After the budget retreat, the division leaders work with department heads to help prepare their budgets.

The city manager also meets individually with each division leader to discuss their budgets in more detail. This year, each division’s budget is due on July 22. From then through July 29, the city manager will make cuts to each division’s budget. The city manager will then work to prepare the city’s entire budget before delivering it to the city council on Aug. 19.

At the following city council meeting on Aug. 23, he will present the budget to the city council and answer any questions we may have.

The budget will also be added to the city’s website in the document center for citizens to review.

At the Sept. 6 city council meeting, there will be a public hearing regarding the budget before it is adopted on Sept. 20.


Mayor Edward Reynolds