Obama’s lies

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I see where Obama wants to reduce the troops in Afghanistan. His campaign promise was to bring all the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

This lie No. 1, as they still are there and he over-rode Congress and put us into another conflict.

Now lie No. 2 he promises we would not have to depend on foreign oil, but on the good U.S.A. oil and gas prices would be reduced to normal. This hasn’t happened.

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He promised he wouldn’t forget the seniors, yet for two years straight we didn’t get pay raise on our Social Security and yet gas and food prices, kept going up. So, this is lie No. 3.

Now Obama wants us to turn our backs on Israel.

We have been Israelis only true ally, he wants us to be an all to the philistines.

I don’t care if your black, white, red, yellow or whatever color, if your Democrat, Republican or independent. I only care if your a true Bible believing Christian. As, all through the Bible, it tell you Israel is God’s chosen people. So your vote for Obama, would be you vote against God, our troops, our seniors, our country and our way of living.

At the polls, show Obama we wouldn’t stand for anyone of his lies, that has hurt the American people with his lies, during his term in office.

I myself thought he would make a great president, but boy was I ever wrong! Lie after lie! My grandparents suffered from no raise in their social checks, as I stated before, gas prices went up, food prices went up, along with utilities, clothing and everything else!

I myself think Congress should pass a law where a president of the United States should have served in one of the armed forces, before running for office, This way he would know what war is like and not be ready to fake Americans into another conflict.

Just think your love ones are dying on foreign soil, cause Obama wants it that way.

Leave those countries fight their own civil war, like we had to do; we didn’t have help from any foreign country.

Helping these countries hasn’t drop the oil prices, food prices, clothing, utilities. It only increased them. Let Obama know we don’t like his lies, and make him a one term president.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Turk

Bainbridge, Ga.