Hospital Authority has positive outlook

Published 7:22 pm Friday, June 24, 2011

An improving financial picture was presented at the June Memorial Hospital Authority meeting Tuesday.

Key indicators showed a net income of $1,840 for the month of May, with the current year-to-date net income at $230,735, which is $900,146 ahead of the first two months of last year.

Financial Committee Chair Glennie Bench pointed out only $350,000 of that was a result of receipt of indigent care payments and board chair Charles Tyson remarked that it looked like “things are looking up” for the hospital.

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Four capital equipment purchases were approved by the board.

• Replacement of the Neonatal ventilator at a cost of $9,700;

• Replacement of the 28 year-old nurse call system located in the Manor and 32-year-old system in Manor II. Base system cost at $61,103. When asked by Dr. Linda Jones if that included software to monitor response time, Nursing Home Administrator Cynthia Vickers and Assistant Administrator for Support Services Lee Harris advised it did not, at which point Bench and Dr. Charles Walker both asked for figures to add that capability. Vickers and Harris retrieved a quote of $5,589 for that software. The addition of a dedicated PC raised it to $7,000.

It was approved to add that capability to the purchase, all of which was approved;

• Purchase of a LigaSure vessel sealing system to use in surgery at a price not to exceed $17,768.53;

• Replacement of high-definition surgical video system to be used in laparoscopic surgery at a cost of $107,536.25.

An all-day hospital board planning retreat was scheduled for Aug. 23, to be held at a local, yet-to-be determined location. Department heads will be invited to attend and report on perceived needs at the morning session. The afternoon will be devoted to a review of information gathered from the morning session, as well as brainstorming on other issues.

CEO Billy Walker indicated he would like to resume the annual dinner meetings that were once held between the hospital authority and city and county officials. It was recommended that the dinner be held in the hospital cafeteria after the Aug. 16 board meeting.

Hospital losing three physicians

Walker also reported on hospital employed physician changes. Dr. Gary Kipp, who has a practice in obstetric/gynecology has resigned effective the end of July to relocate to Palatka, Fla.

Allergy and Asthma physician, Dr. Narlito Cruz, will be leaving in December, and his wife, Dr. Alicia S.V. Estillore, pediatrician and also an authority board member, will be leaving the hospital employ sometime in 2012.

Dr. Moye’s wife Mandy Moye, a pediatrician, will officially come on board in August.

Walker indicated the Baptist Leadership coaches had been on site to meet with executive staff members all day Monday and identified six work teams to address the separate issues of standards, measurements, community/employee engagement, leadership development, patient experience and physician experience. Team members will be chosen next week at the next coaching meeting.

Cooperative meetings with Miller County Hospital administrators reference the flex grant and to review the results of the community survey are also continuing.

The board members voted to follow the tradition of canceling the July authority meeting.