DOT removes signs, including Butler’s

Published 8:20 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2011

James Butler signs removed by Department of Transportation, a tree to be planted in children’s play park in memory of the late Councilman Ronnie Bishop, and a new computer to be purchased for City Hall were several of the items discussed at the regular Climax City Council meeting held on June 13.

The state DOT removed the signs recognizing Climax native football Super Bowl winner James Butler from Highway 84 near Climax. The reason given, according to Mayor Charles Hadsock, was in order for a sign to be placed on a state highway it had to be approved by the state legislature. Butler’s signs were not approved at the time of being placed and approval was no longer being given for these projects.

Mayor Hadsock said he had spoken with Rep. Gene Maddox and several others with no success. He did retrieve the signs from the DOT and the council voted unanimously to place the signs recognizing Butler just inside the Climax City limits.

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Council Member Kaye Hickox reported that she had spoken with Butler and he had no problem with the signs being placed inside the city limits.

The Doyce Ariail signs were approved by the legislature when placed and were not removed. All other signs not approved were removed.

Climax Children’s Community Park committee chair Sandra Thomas gave an update on the fund-raiser held to help purchase fencing and picnic tables for the park. To date Thomas said the committee has had two fund-raisers that totaled an amount of approximately $875.

Thomas also requested permission from the council to plant a tree presented at the fund-raiser to Brenda Bishop, wife of the late Councilman Ronnie Bishop, in the Children’s Park.

She said it was not the committee’s intent to open the park for any other memorials, but because the late councilman was the councilman that made the motion to purchase the equipment, and because of his love for the children, the committee’s request was to plant the tree in his memory.

Mayor Hadsock said he had no objection to the tree being planted in Bishop’s memory, but did think it needed to be placed in the council’s minutes for future reference. The council agreed and voted 3-1 in favor of the request with Vanessa Martin voting no.

The council voted unanimously to purchase a new computer for city hall.

Old business

Easement has been acquired for the repair and improvement of the drainage ditch on Martin Luther King Drive. Work was to have begun with new pipe by June 16.

The mayor and council expressed appreciation to Billy Fletcher for his donation of field dirt for the ditch.

On the status of the city’s junk items, the council agreed for Maintenance Man Greg Toole to cut the old boilers in two and haul the old junk items to a junk buyer, thereby getting a better price than the bids received.

The maintenance contract on the city’s water tank with Utility Service Maintenance Company was canceled per the council’s agreement. The company has agreed to repair the flaking paint before the contract expires.

New business

The council voted unanimously to place the new playground equipment on the city’s GIRMA Insurance policy for protection due to damage to the equipment from storms, etc.

The council voted unanimously to allow John Bennett to be the proxy for the city to the Georgia Municipal Employee Benefit system.

Jay Hadley made a request to hold a food bank under the pavilion at Parker Park. The council postponed any decision until Hadley can address the council next month.

Police Chief Joel Jenkins is still recovering from surgery, and there was no representative at the meeting.

Fire Chief Jeff Kelly represented the Climax Volunteer Fire Department and advised everyone to be extremely careful during the heat and drought conditions. No one should be burning trash because of the drought conditions, he advised.