Complimenting pool and library staffs

Published 6:55 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think we all fall short of expressing thanks along our daily “going and coming,” and I don’t think I am in a league alone when it comes to telling people we appreciate “a job well done.”

Sadly it seems to me, we are quick to criticize and/or complain but slow to compliment. I would like to single out two groups that I have observed going way beyond the call of duty with enthusiasm, patience and focus.

First, the lifeguards at the city’s aquatic center located on Potter Street. My grandchildren (12-year-old twins and a 9-year-old brother) love to visit in Bainbridge and always want to go to the city pool. On two occasions last week, I watched from my perch in the shade as three lifeguards responded from different directions to persuade a toddler that he was not qualified to climb the big slide and needed to return to the baby pool.

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Likewise, I salute the lifeguards as they accept responsibility for their jobs and do not neglect to watch and warn! They rotate positions in the pool and in the lifeguard stands on a very regular time frame (I think every 30 minutes), and they cheerfully assist swimmers. It is refreshing to see that they don’t use this time to socialize—their eyes and ears are tuned to safety in the pool and around the pool.

Secondly, I would like to thank and recognize the wonderful staff of our public library. They are always so efficient and kind.

The Summer Reading Program is a wonderful opportunity to encourage learning, and I am amazed at their patience during this particular time of the year because it isn’t unusual to have 15 or 20 kids waiting with umpteen books to return or check out.

The staff members never lose their cool, always asking kindly “who was next?” A waiting 5-year-old is treated the same as a 70-year-old!

Early morning to late afternoon those staff members are extremely pleasant and accommodating!

Join me in saying thanks to any and all of those people who make Bainbridge such a wonderful place to live!

Martha Henderson

Bainbridge, Ga.